How do I Pay with China Bank?

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China Bank (via DragonPay)
Please note that there is an applicable Service Fee to use ChinaBank
Service Fee:
 0-1000PHP            10 PHP Service Fee
1001 - 3999            1% Service Fee
4000++                  40PHP Service
Once you have submitted this form, you will be receiving via Email, SMS and Facebook Messenger (whichever is applicable) an email from DragonPay c/o Game Detective (with the subject "Deposit Instruction") that contains the bank account name, bank account number, a payment confirmation link, as well as detailed instructions on how to complete the payment.
Cut Off Time: From the Time that your form has been submitted and you have received the notification listed above, you will have 24 Hours to complete the transaction.

Here's a sample email:


2) Proceed to China Bank  and make the cash payment to DragonPay's bank account.

Use a regular cash deposit slip and fill in the bank account name and account number according to the information provided in DragonPay's payment instruction email.

After you make the payment, you will be issued a receipt by the bank teller. Please do not lose your deposit slip! You will need the information provided on the slip in order to successfully validate your payment.

Here's a sample deposit slip:

3) Go to the confirmation link provided in the DragonPay deposit instruction email.

Follow the link given in the email and enter the following information into the confirmation form:

  • Branch code
  • Date and time that the payment was completed 
  • Exact amount paid

Please make sure that the information you enter is accurate before submitting, in order to prevent delay in the processing of your payment.

It should take only a few seconds for the cash-in to be confirmed by DragonPay. You'll see the phrase "Successfully validated" appear in blue text on the page.


Dragonpay usually has a standard processing time of 24 HOURS. 

Game Detective will also be notified once payment has been made. 


However, please provide a photocopy of the payment receipt as well (either via email response or Facebook messenger) in case of System Delays caused by Dragonpay.


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